JELU Polled Native Thunder

Thunder is a gentle giant! He's homo-polled and is extremely easy to handle. With Harvest Olympus and Amber Krug on top as well as on the bottom of his pedigree, Thunder packs a double punch of tremendous genetics. His calves are small at birth and their dispositions are very calm. This great sire has exceptional EPDs and is currently for sale.

CF Polled Dominion 323Y
Dominate the market with Polled Dominion! We're very excited to have this new young sire in our program! He's a very stout Homo-Polled son of the famous Jim Dandie and a very good D'Hanis Red Fox daughter. This bull is loaded with muscle and has extremely well balanced EPDs. He's been working extremely well on Proud Polled Prodigy (Polled Harmonica) daughters by adding depth and frame. We plan to have him collected this Fall, so semen should be available in early 2014.
SVL Polled Profit 037N
Profit in the Pasture = Profit in the Bank! Polled, thick and loaded with maternal is the best description of this Goldenview Krugerrand son! If you like calm calves with deep bodies, lots of muscle and primed for performance, then Polled Profit is the ONE for you! Semen available on the ranch!
Second To None DHAN 1216L
If you want the Best, then Breed to the Best! Second is undoubtedly the deepest bodied Fullblood in existence today! An awesome Special K son out of a tremendous Harvest Olympus cow, Second possesses all the great qualities needed to become a breed "giant"! Genetics available on the ranch!
OAKM Lord Krug 30L
Long, heavy muscled, gentle and proven. Lord Krug is a Goldenview Krugerrand son out of a great Lord Lafayette daughter. Excellent milk and scrotal numbers. Semen for Lord Krug is only available on the ranch at $20 per unit.
CF Proud Polled Prodigy 156T
Prodigy is an impressive homozygous polled son of Polled Harmonica and is a total outcross! This young sire is stout, well muscled and moderately framed with great depth of rib and flank. He is quiet, calm and very easy to handle. His well balanced EPDs and low birthweight should make him a favorite on heifers. Semen available on the ranch!

Lenape Cheyenne 14U is a homo-polled female from the renowned Lenape Herd owned by the the Mosher family in PA. She's a tremendous addition to our operation and we know she'll serve us well with such "Greats" as; Harvest Olympus, Orion, Polled Yukon and 1-Way Crown Royal in her pedigree.
CF Polled Excellence is a double polled possibly homo-polled daughter of famed Polled Excel and we're expecting exceptional offspring from this young female.
Miss Magic Profit is out the very popular Polled Profit and a tremendous Orion daughter. She's going to make a super broad cow.
Miss Proud Polled Poppy has Krugerrand on the dam's side and Polled Harmonica on the sire's side. Definitely a winning combination!
Miss Proud Polled Amber is the daughter of our herd sire CF Proud Polled Prodigy and a super grandduaghter of the famed Amber Krug.
Miss Proud Polled Cash is the daughter of Ms High of our best cows and will replace her mother in our program.
Miss Proud Polled Gaby may be the best female we've produce to date. She's double polled (possibly homo-polled) and out of a young Polled Liberty daughter and our herd sire CF Proud Polled Prodigy.
Miss Proud Polled Lady is a Second to None granddaughter and the daughter of CF Proud Polled Prodigy. The Second to None and Prodigy matings are producing some outstanding animals.
Ms Proud Polled Classy has the makings of a truly great cow.....possibly a great donor cow! Another Second to None and Prodigy mating.
RIFE Music City News 211M is a Mash Accolade daughter out of a great Orion cow. She’s just one of our outstanding producing females.
SVL Pleasure 508H is one of our very best producers! She’s a MH Velocity daughter out of a great Texs Ranger Ted cow. Any calf she has is definitely a “keeper”!
SVL Memory 518H is a daughter of Auto PLD 454 and a MK Udell cow. She consistently produces excellent calves with great conformation and depth.
CF Classey Ms Punch 003M is a tremendous daughter of WRC Punch and an outstanding Orion cow. A show heifer in the beginning, she has proven herself over and over again!
PRFR Miss High Cash 132N is a daughter of LB Cold Cash and a SUNY Celebration cow. She’s very calm, an easy keeper and continually produces some of our top selling calves!
SOGF Special Faith 015K is a daughter of Special K and a great TEXS Ranger Primo cow. Faith is truly a remarkable cow and never misses raising a top notch calf. Not only does she have breed “giants”, such as Goldenview Krugerrand, Orion, Punch and Primo on the sire side, she also has TEXS Star Guadalupe, DEUX Amis Honey and TEXS Star Luv on the dam side.
CRKT Linda 526L is a daughter of the great Lord Lafayette and an outstanding daughter of an Orion/Punch dam - OAKM Lady Dorthee 641F. She's relatively new to our operation and we're excited she's produced a Polled Profit heifer.
PRFR Amber Point 129N is a daughter of DVFC Focus Point and SVL Pleasure listed above. She's extremely gentle and was a show heifer in her early days. Amber Point is a top producer and currently has a Polled Profit bull calf.
SVL Willow 606J is a daughter of MH Velocity and an MK Udell dam. She has consisently raised some of our very best calves and has several of her daughters producing for us as well. She's pictured with her Polled Profit heifer.
STBR Strawberry Lady 616K is a daughter of the great Orion and a tremendous Punch dam - STBR K-Mac's Tanya 202A. She is a truly an exceptional broad cow and is the dam of the very best bull we've ever produced - PRFR Kid Total 17N. She's due to calve to Polled Profit within the next few weeks.
PRFR Miss Amber Bell 140P is a Focus Point daughter out of a real good Polled Endeavor cow and she was sold to Gardiner Livestock in Texas.
PRFR Miss Lady Constella 143R is a Second To None heifer out of a wonderful OrionRoyale daughter. She was sold to Ashley Limousin in Georgia.
PRFR Miss Belle Krug 159S is a Lord Krug daughter out of a Polled Endeavor cow and she was sold to Stumps Cattle Company in Oklahoma.