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Fullblood Limousin influenced cattle produce MORE muscle....and LESS fat, resulting in calves weighing 50 to 80 lbs more at weaning without creep or supplements and fewer YG 4's & 5's at slaughter! In addition, Fullblood Limousin influenced/crossed preweaned calves (bulls & heifers) can increase your profits straight off the cow through the Strauss's "Free Raised" Veal Program. Calves are sold at 400 to 550 lbs (approx. 150 days of age) without the added expense of dehorning, vaccination, castration or creeping. Forward contracts, spot-market buys and top market prices are also available as well as a $50 bonus per head for hitting Strauss's target hot carcass weights (220 to 280 lbs)! By selling calves earlier than normal, your cows receive additional rest....leading to better body and udder condition and added longevity. PLUS......Strauss will pay the shipping on full semi-trailer loads! In today's world, maximizing your profit and return on investment.......is more important than ever! For more information on Fullblood Limousin, please go to www.fullbloodlimousinalliance.org or for more information on Strauss' "Free Raised" Veal, please go to www.freeraised.com.